Amber Portwood's Dramatic 36 Pound Weight Loss Is Simply Remarkable (PHOTO)

amber portwoodYou're going to be seeing a lot less of Teen Mom OG star Amber Portwood from now on -- literally! Twenty-five-year-old Portwood took to Twitter to show off the results of her recent efforts to eat better and exercise, and wow! Looks like all her hard work is really paying off!


It's a selfie almost sexy enough to show up on a Kardashian feed, and Portwood's caption says it all:

"36 lbs down and 15 more to go ... almost at my goal"

I should say so! Just get a load of this!

Congrats, girl!! It's great to see Portwood looking so healthy and happy. Clearly she's taking really good care of herself, and that can only lead to good things for herself -- and her family!

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Naturally, Portwood's followers were inspired -- so much so that they immediately started asking the star for tips! Portwood, being a down-to-earth kinda gal, was happy to oblige.

"Cut out bad carbs like sugar and cut down on pasta to start," she advised her fans.

"Also try to not eat trans fats.”

Portwood also said that it took her about 4 months to drop the weight, even counting the couple of weeks she "fell off." When you think about it, four months is an awfully short time for such an incredible transformation, and it sounds like she pulled it off just by being sensible and making smart choices, not starving herself or going too crazy in the gym. 

Can't wait to see your next selfie, Amber!! 


Image via Jen Lowery/Splash News

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