The Cast of 'Married With Children': You Should See Them Now! (PHOTOS)

Rona Gindin | Aug 14, 2015 TV

Get ready to nuke the popcorn. There's a Married With Children reunion in the works, and reportedly it will focus on Bud, the youngest of the dysfunctional Bundy clan. All of the original cast members, including Christina Applegate, are said to be on board to appear, though it's unclear who would stay on permanently. It's been 18 years since the Bundys first popped up on our television screens.  

The rumors made us curious to find out what the original cast members of the Fox hit have been up to since the show went off the air in 1997. The good news is that the vast majority of them have been mighty busy. 

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  • Ed O'Neill: Then


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    O'Neill made uninspired shoe salesman Al Bundy a hoot to watch. His crass, inappropriate comments, general disregard for people's feelings, and lazy attitude to just about everything somehow made him one of TV's most memorable and endearing characters. 

  • Ed O'Neill: Now


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    Who could have predicated this guy would end up married to another babe on yet another hit family show decades later? O'Neill may have played the family grump on Married With Children, but once he joined the cast of Modern Family in 2009 -- well, he still does. The biggest difference is that this time he's a grandfather who's way older than his trophy wife. Playing Jay Pritchett has earned O'Neill three primetime Emmy nominations.

  • Katey Sagal: Then


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    Big hair, regular shopping sprees, and a lack of interest in housework came to define Peggy Bundy, Al's mismatched wife. Katey Sagal played the role convincingly, perfecting the art of eating bonbons while watching daytime TV while her husband was at work. 

  • Katey Sagal: Now


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    Sagal earned a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2014 in celebration of a dynamic career that includes both acting and musical accolades. Having sung backup for everyone from Bob Dylan to Tonya Tucker, she finally released her own album in 2004. She has appeared several films and television shows since Married With Children, and even won a Golden Globe for Sons of Anarchy in 2011. She also had a cameo in Pitch Perfect 2.

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  • Christina Applegate: Then


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    Kelly Bundy was the daughter every father is afraid their little girl would become: pretty, promiscious, and ditzy. Applegate practically broke the mold with her potrayal of this maladjusted adolescent, whose taste in boyfriends was even more questionable than her taste in clothes.

  • Christina Applegate Now


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    Once leaving Married With Children, Applegate starred in two TV shows, Samantha Who? and Up All Night, and she won an Emmy for her guest role on Friends. But it was her star turn in The Sweetest Thing and the Anchorman films that truly cemented her status as a bonafide comedienne. In 2015, she put those comedic skills on display once again in Vacation, the fifth film in the National Lampoon series.

  • David Faustino: Then


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    As Bud Bundy, Faustino played the family's smartest, yet most insecure, character. He was so obsessed with wowing women that he failed regularly at it. He returned his sister's verbal punches with assaults on her promiscuity.

  • David Faustino: Now


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    Since leaving Married With Children, Faustino had parts in several short-lived TV shows and low-budget films. He even took part in one of the first episodes of Celebrity Boot Camp. Most recently he voiced the character Mako in the animated TV series The Legend of Korra.

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  • Amanda Bearse: Then


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    With a name like Marcy D'Arcy, Peg Bundy's BFF and next door neighbor was designed to be irritating -- at least to Al. Bearse played the part perfectly, blending D'Arcy's educated, career-oriented, man-wary character with hints of a colorful, mysterious past.

  • Amanda Bearse: Now


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    Behind the scenes at Married With Children, Bearse directed more than 30 episodes. Her Hollywood gigs have been sparse in recent years, with small gigs on TV shows such as Drop Dead Diva and Anger Management. She came out as a lesbian in 1993 and has been married to Carrie Schenken since 2010. They have two children.

  • Ted McGinley: Then


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    Divorcee Marcy D'Arcy woke up one day to find herself married to pretty-boy Jefferson, played by McGinley. Their marriage was a whirlwind of conflict and deceit -- the guy was essentially an unemployed scam artist -- although the innuendo was that the relationship was all good behind closed doors.

  • Ted McGinley: Now


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    A veteran of two television hits, Married With Children and Happy Days, he went on to star in Hope and Faith, Sports Night and The West Wing, among others. Everyone saw him strut his stuff on the seventh season of Dancing With the Stars

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  • Buck Bundy (Kevin Curran): Then


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    Like the Bundy kids, dog Buck was a neglected pooch. He was also always on the hunt for romance. When he died on the show, he was reincarnated as Lucky -- and was stuck living with the Bundys again.

  • Buck Bundy (Kevin Curran): Now


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    Most of the time, staff writer and producer Kevin Curran spoke for Buck, although Cheech Marin did the gig a few times as well. Pup plots aside, Curran's career has been full of headliners, including stints at The Simpsons, for which he won three Emmys, and the Late Show with David Letterman. The Harvard grad was married for a decade to Helen Fielding, author of the bestselling book and movie, Bridget Jones's Diary. They have two children.

  • David Garrison: Then


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    Banker and Bundy neighbor Steve Rhoades was married to Marcy when the show began, and he certainly let Al lead him to all sorts of trouble. The pals watched football and went to strip clubs, much to Marcy's dismay. Steve left Marcy in season four and only appeared sporadically after that.

  • David Garrison: Now


    Image © Walter McBride/Corbis

    Despite the success of Married With Children, Garrison always preferred live theater. He played the wizard in the touring musical Wicked for several seasons and has had many other roles both on and off Broadway. He never completely abandoned TV, however, appearing in shows such as Everybody Loves Raymond and L.A. Law.

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