Leah Messer Is in Super Hot Water With New Boyfriend's Baby Mama

Leah MesserMan. She just can't catch a break. First her parenting skills, or lack thereof, of her own three kids are majorly critiqued on the show, and now Leah Messer is facing major drama with Mandy Winnell, her boyfriend T.R. Dues's ex.  


In an effort to prove to T.R. that she really deserves that elusive Mom of the Year award, Leah has been going above and beyond to care for his 8-year-old and 4-year-old boys. The only problem is that her new man's baby mama, Mandy, is perfectly capable of mothering her own kids and wants them back ... pronto!

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RadarOnline reports that Leah and T.R. initially took his kids in because Mandy was experiencing an undisclosed health issue, but now she's apparently all better and she wants Leah to step off.

Leah and T.R. just moved both of their broods into a shared house in West Virginia, setting themselves up for some sort of Brady Bunch type of craziness, but Mandy is having none of it. And who can blame her? If she has no issues caring for her children, it's understandable that she's upset that they are living with a woman her ex has only been dating for a short time. I can only imagine how this is going to play out on the show. Just another crazy story line in the tangled life of Leah.


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