'The Notebook' Is Being Turned Into a TV Series & We Have Some Casting Suggestions (PHOTOS)

notebook ryan goslingThe Notebook is one of those movies that everyone has seen and everyone loves at least a little, so of course we can't let it die. Nope, the CW decided it was time to remake The Notebook into a TV series, and the network announced its plans at the Television Critics Association’s press tour.


The reboot will center around the Noah and Allie we know and love, but it sounds like it's going to focus on their relationship in the 1930s and ignore the part where Allie gets Alzheimer's and dies.

Here's the original movie trailer, in case you forgot:

Since Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams have done their duty and played their parts, the CW is in the market for a new Noah and Allie. It's hard to beat the innocence and genuine niceness that Ryan and Rachel had, so maybe there are some other pairings we can try ...

The funny ones

We've done the nice thing, so the next natural step is the funny thing. And if we're looking for funny actresses to play Allie Hamilton, we really couldn't do better than Anna Kendrick. So what about Funny Noah? We'd say Skylar Astin if that didn't mean that we'd be expecting them to break out in a cappella the whole time. Although, an a cappella Notebook isn't a terrible idea ...

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The hot ones

The obvious choice for a dumb-but-beautiful Noah Calhoun is Scott Eastwood, and since Scarlett Johansson and Blake Lively are two of the most beautiful people on this planet, either would work flawlessly for an Allie.

The unconventional ones

If we needed to choose actors who looked like Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams, then we'd be choosing white people, obviously. But who says we need to choose actors who look like Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams? What about Donald Glover as Noah? Or Utkarsh Ambudkar? Ro Shon or Jaden Smith across from Amandla Stenberg's Allie? Mindy Kaling? Arden Cho? Rhyon Nicole Brown? Wow, so many great options when you do it this way!

Oh God, they're perfect:

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The age-appropriate ones

Okay, so the thing with all these actors so far is that they're all basically 30, which is fine because actors over 30 need jobs too. But if we were to choose actors that were actually Noah and Allie's ages and we're not going with the Jaden Smith/Amandla Stenberg combo, we'd have to pick Bella Thorne and Luke Benward. Actually, these two might be perfect. THIS IS IT, GUYS. They're 17 and 20 respectively, and look exactly like the old Noah and Allie:


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