Nick Viall Is Really Campaigning Hard to Be the Next 'Bachelor'

In the most unsurprising news of the day, Nick Viall revealed he'd consider becoming the next Bachelor -- if only producers would give him yet another opportunity to find love on reality TV.


Viall, 34, either believes three times is a charm when it comes to television romance, or he just really, really loves the spotlight, because his brutal experiences on The Bachelorette have not turned him off from the franchise. He was dumped by Andi Dorfman. Dumped again by Kaitlyn Bristowe. And he's just shaking it all off.

While appearing as a guest on HuffPost's Here to Make Friends podcast Tuesday, Viall revealed that he would be open to a shot as the Bachelor.

To be perfectly honest, I would seriously consider it. It's obviously an incredible opportunity. As a 34-year-old, having dated and having had relationships not work out, you learn about yourself. You learn about what you want [...] and I feel fortunate to be in a position in my life where I know who I am and I'm very comfortable in my own skin and I know what I'm looking for.

At the same time, Viall also expressed concern that he would get "pigeonholed" if he became known simply as the guy who dates women on reality TV. If that's on his mind, why on earth would be even agree to The Bachelor if asked? He has already built up enough star power to transition to a different reality TV show, if that's what he chooses to do. Maybe Viall really wants to redeem himself in the public eye, after becoming famous for being that guy who had sex with two different Bachelorettes and blabbed about it.

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He may be a controversial figure, but that doesn't mean Viall is without his share of supporters. Bachelor alum Sarah Herron told People Viall would be a great Bachelor because he knows how to "stir the pot" and will keep things interesting and exciting. As much as I love Ben Higgins and want to see him find love, I have to admit: I think Herron is right. As far as ratings go, Viall is the smartest choice as the next Bachelor because people will tune in to watch him. His fans will root for him to find love and his enemies will be curious to see whether he has changed at all. 

The question is: will the next Bachelor be the good, cute, wholesome guy we're all rooting for -- or a sexy "villain" who changes our views of him?


Image via nick_viall28/Instagram

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