Chelsea Houska Throws Major Shade at Adam Lind on Twitter

Chelsea Houska Cole DeBoerThe next time Teen Mom 2's Adam Lind wants to use his daughter Aubree to manipulate a situation, he might choose to do it anywhere other than TV. His ex Chelsea Houska is fighting mad about a recent scene in which he subtly, but clearly, used their daughter Aubree to prove a point.


If you recall, and how could anyone forget, Adam infamously asked Aubree to call her little sister Paislee (his daughter with ex Taylor Halbur) on a recent episode, suggesting Aubs to ask her baby sister for a playdate.

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It seems innocent enough, except for the fact that Adam and Taylor were embattled in a custody dispute at the time, and it at least felt like he was simply trying to give everyone a visual of how his baby mama wasn't allowing him to see Paislee.

As one can imagine, Chelsea was not exactly pleased when she saw the scene.

Don't poke the mama bear! I say good for Chelsea for calling Adam out. While his intentions may have been in the right place in the sense that he wants to see Paislee, it's completely unfair to put Aubree in that position. The little girl probably thought the call would mean she was going to see her baby sister, and obviously, that was not the outcome. You just can't use your kids that way; it's not cool.

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