Farrah Abraham Gets Booted Out of Hamptons Party in True Farrah Fashion (PHOTOS)

Farrah Abraham kicked out of partyLet's be honest: Not everyone's a fan of this Teen Mom, but some haters are more obvious than others. Farrah Abraham was kicked out of Bella magazine's Hamptons party over the weekend. Making matters worse, the 24-year-old had her mother and two friends in tow. Ugh. So embarrassing! 


Wow, this is one time we really feel sorry for Sophia's mom -- especially because it seems at first she was welcomed. But when publicists caught her posing on the red carpet, they immediately asked her to leave. In true Farrah fashion, the reality star refused to go and ultimately had to be hauled out by three security guards. Yikes!

Never one to shy away from controversy, Farrah, who claims she was a confirmed guest, took to Twitter to share her side of the story.

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Hmmm. We'll probably never know if Farrah was legitimately on the guest list. And while we don't think crashing an event is ever the way to go, we have to wonder if it was really necessary to have her and her guests escorted out like that? Seems pretty harsh! 

Fortunately, knowing how resilient Farrah is, she'll be able to put this in her rearview pretty quickly and keep moving forward!


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