Joe Bailey Loses It on 'Bachelor in Paradise' -- We're Officially Scared of This Dude

Remember Joe Bailey from The Bachelorette? The sweet southern gentleman who had Kaitlyn Bristowe in tears when she had to reject him? These days, he's nothing like the guy we used to know. On Monday night's episode of Bachelor in Paradise, Joe went totally bonkers, and I'm still trying to figure out what exactly happened.


It all started when Joe started cozying up to Juelia (the single mom we met on Chris Soules's season of The Bachelor). She was super into it, and you'd think he was too, until he revealed in an in-the-moment interview that he was actually just trying to hang around long enough in hopes that Samantha Steffen (also from Chris's season) will show up.

And then, in the creepiest way possible, he said, "Gimme that rose." Like, that's real. That happened.

So the guys start figuring out that Joe's not on the show for the right reasons, and Mikey and Jonathan both fill Juelia in on the fact that his intentions aren't the best. 

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Of course, as soon as Joe catches wind of this, he pulls them both aside one by one and, as he said, "makes them his bitch." He's very cool and collected while talking to them, and as each guy walks away, he starts mumbling about bashing people's brains out and literally says, "Hashtag Joe made him his bitch." 

I knew Bachelor in Paradise was going to get crazy this season, but I had no idea it'd be crazy like this.

I have a feeling something else happened behind the scenes that we don't know about, or Jonathan would not have been reduced to tears in a bathroom after Joe confronted him. I have a feeling this dude is intimidating as hell, and his manipulation is not welcome here.

If he hurts Juelia, Joe is getting a few strongly worded tweets. I am not messing around! 


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