'Bachelor in Paradise' Star Joshua Basically Claims the Show Is Totally Fake

It's really difficult to not love The Bachelor and all of its offshoots, but we all know that what we see going down isn't exactly what actually happens. We know most of the show is made in the editing room, but apparently some of the contestants don't, because Bachelor in Paradise's Joshua Albers says the producers made him sound like a drug addict when he really isn't.


If you remember, Joshua DID mention something on Sunday about an L.A. club where you can buy, for $30, a cocunut full of the club drug Molly. That's terrifying by itself, but not really the point: Joshua is saying that while he did say this, he was retelling a story a crew member told him. 

And he would like everyone to know that he's NOT A DRUG ADDICT. He did try Molly once, but he's definitely not addicted or anything.

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Ugh, okay: First of all, does anyone actually think that Joshua sounded like an addict from his story? Also, I feel like the contestants have to understand that they're going to be portrayed more as characters than as real people, and that any mention of the crew is going to be cut out immediately.

It's kind of a weird situation because chances are that the producers are making all of the contestants sound like they're someone they're not (or are they all really that crazy ...?), but if they did make Joshua sound like a drug addict, then that would be too far. 

We found it entertaining, but apparently Joshua had to call his parents and assure them that he was still the good "baby boy" they knew and he was "better than" the life of drugs the editors were pushing on him. I don't know if that's true, but at least Mr. and Mrs. Albers still think so.


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