Shawn Booth May Have Settled for Kaitlyn Bristowe Because His Ex Didn't Want Him

Kaitlyn Bristowe Shawn BoothUh-oh. If this little rumor turns out to be true, it looks like we might be seeing yet another Bachelorette couple bite the dust! According to OK! magazine, Shawn Booth texted his ex a couple of weeks before proposing to Kaitlyn Bristowe in an effort to win her back. Um, yeah ... that's probably not going to sit to well with Kaitlyn. (If the allegation is true, of course.)


Supposedly he realized he still had feelings for her and attempted to reach her by phone on July 11, and when she didn't pick up, he broke down and sent a text message as a last resort. He apparently let her know that he was "technically" engaged. (Hmm. Almost makes you wonder if he was somehow clued in that he was going to win the final rose.)

A source told OK! that Shawn and this woman couldn't seem to work out their relationship logistically, which led to their demise. Oh, and supposedly he's the crazy jealous type (imagine that), which didn't help matters.

It's probably safe to assume this woman either did not respond to Shawn's text, or told him she didn't give a rat's behind about his technical engagement, what with the fact that he is now Kaitlyn's fiancé.

Again, for now we should probably treat this as nothing more than gossip, but let's just assume for one second that Shawn was hypothetically still hung up on his ex and settled for Kaitlyn, well, for the sake of not being alone, and gaining a little fame and fortune in the process.

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If that turns out to be the case, can we really blame the dude? I mean, people have gone on to make full-blown careers out of their reality TV stardom, so it's not like it would be all that shocking if he isn't in this relationship for the right reasons. But who knows, maybe getting the cold shoulder from his ex is exactly what he needed to make him realize Kaitlyn is the girl for him?

We'll have to give it at least a few more months before we make a judgment call on whether Kaitlyn and Shawn will last for the long haul. But one thing's for sure, if they can manage to get past all of these rumors without being torn apart, they definitely have a decent chance at having a real future together.


Image via XactpiX/Splash News

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