Jenelle Evans Could Be Seeking Comfort in Arms of Her Ex (PHOTO)

jenelle evansUh-oh. Looks like Jenelle Evans is wasting no time getting right back into the dating game now that's she finally split for good (for now) from Nathan Griffith: Evans was spotted with ex Kieffer Delp at a South Carolina bar Friday night. All together now: "I seen ya wiff Kieffah!!"


Yes, since the couple's meetup was photographed (and that photograph subsequently spread like wildfire all over social media), pretty much everybody has seen Jenelle wiff Kieffah by now -- and the evidence is pretty clear:

Well, there you have it. They're definitely together, at a bar (waiting to be served, it looks like). Of course, that doesn't necessarily mean Jenelle and Kieffer are back together back together, but it does mean ... something. And, according to a source, "Jenelle and Kieffer apparently had a 'la dee dah' time drinking and bar-hopping by the beach, as they were spotted at numerous bars throughout the night."

A 'la dee dah' time, eh? I'm not entirely sure what that's about, but it sounds sort of romantic. And whimsical. Did Janelle and Kieffer skip from bar to bar, singing show tunes? (I hope so. Dear lord, how I hope so.)

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Anyway, the real question here is, what sort of clues have they left on social media about their relationship?  

Said Kieffer:

And Jenelle tweeted this:

Hey, does that mean Kieffer is Jenelle's ALMOST LOVER?? Seems sorta obvious to me. These two are totally Twitter flirting! Or maybe not. Who knows?? It's so hard to know what's for real when it comes to Jenelle's relationships (so far it seems like none of them have been!). But as long as she doesn't get arrested and takes care of her kids, I guess it doesn't matter. You know, whatever. La dee dah. 


Image via j_evans8209/Instagram 

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