Leah Messer Defends Herself After Being Torn Apart for Feeding Her Kids at Midnight

Leah MesserAs much as it seems like she's finally managing to get her life back on track after her stint in rehab, it's pretty clear that things were kind of a mess back when this season of Teen Mom 2 was filming. And after receiving a huge backlash from viewers, Leah Messer denies that she fed her kids dinner at midnight -- something which set off a firestorm of sorts on Twitter after a recent episode aired.


From everything we could tell, Leah did appear to be making canned ravioli for the twins somewhere between 11:00 p.m. and 12:00 a.m., which is definitely a bit late for a couple of 5-year-olds, so it's understandable that people questioned the timing.

However, Leah now seems to indicate that either a.) the clocks in her house are all wrong, or b.) MTV edited the footage to make her look like a less than perfect mom, you know, because ... ratings.

Check out this tweet she posted in defense of herself:

Hmm. (What time was it, then?)

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Let's be honest -- we've all let our kids stay up past their bedtime or given them dinner a bit later than usual once in a while, so shouldn't we give Leah the benefit of the doubt on this one? Regardless of what the number on the clock said, at least she didn't let her girls go to bed hungry.

It just doesn't seem right to smash her to pieces for giving her children something to eat, even if it wasn't at the most ideal hour. It would be a totally different story if the girls were begging for food and she refused, or ignored them entirely or something, but for crying out loud, let's cut the poor mom some slack and give her a hall pass on this one, shall we? Certainly there are worse parenting decisions we can question.


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