Kailyn Lowry Shares Her Most Inspiring Words About Breastfeeding to Date

Kailyn LowryWhen it comes to being passionate about breastfeeding, Teen Mom 2 star Kailyn Lowry has to be the biggest advocate out of all the women featured in the series of shows. And in honor of Breastfeeding Awareness month, The Stir had the pleasure of hearing a little more from Kail on why she's so committed not only to nursing her babies, but encouraging other mothers who want to do so as well.


We're confident that you'll find her words just as inspiring as we do. There's nothing better than a mama who is proud of her choices!

Why was it so important to you to breastfeed your children?

I know that breast milk is irreplaceable and so important. I wanted to do the best I could for my kids.
How long did you do it with each of them, and was it tough to stick with it?

I did it for six weeks with Isaac, due to lack of education and support. But I was able to nurse Lincoln for his whole first year.
So many mothers want to breastfeed, but wind up stopping earlier than they'd hoped due to various challenges. What tips/advice can you offer to encourage them to stick with it and not give up?

If supply drops, that doesn't mean you're not producing enough or it's time to stop nursing. There are a ton of ways to increase your milk supply. Educate yourselves! Read up on nursing before you even give birth and learn what you can do to keep milk supply coming so if you have problems you won't panic! There are breastfeeding support groups, online support, doctor advice -- and a lot of hospitals have lactation consultants you can call for advice.
What is your favorite thing about breastfeeding?

Since I travel a lot it was very convenient to not worry about bringing bottles and formula and having warm water available. I also enjoyed the one-on-one mommy time with my babies. They're not little for very long so it was so important for me.

What do you think family members and friends can do to help support moms who are breastfeeding?
If you are around someone nursing, offer them some water - it can make a mama thirsty. If possible, offer somewhere private for them to nurse. Or if they're open to it, let them feel comfortable nursing around you. It's the most natural thing a mother can do and the goal is to normalize what breasts are meant for.

There is still some scrutiny over public breastfeeding these days, though moms are working so hard to normalize it. What are your tips for dealing with people in public who aren't respectful of your choice? What do you think can be done to make breastfeeding accepted anytime, anywhere?

There are so many other things that people could and should be focused on. I think if someone has an issue with a mom breastfeeding in public, that is the other person's problem, not the mom's. We need to keep doing what we are doing to explain that nobody is breastfeeding for a sexual purpose or to make anyone uncomfortable. It's the most nutritional thing we can offer our kids, so why should we hide it and make ourselves uncomfortable for a stranger?


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