Andi Dorfman's Sudden Change of Heart About Nick Viall Is the Last Thing We Expected

Andi DorfmanWhat should have been an easy decision to choose the 20th Bachelor has turned into an Internet-wide debate between Kaitlyn Bristowe's exes and Bachelors of seasons past. And the latest voice to chime into the fray is a big one: Andi Dorfman said she thinks Nick Viall would make a great Bachelor, and that he's in it (get this) for the right reasons


Which is surprising, you know, considering the mess they left their relationship in. 

Nick took it hard when Andi chose Josh Murray over him on the last night of her season, and Andi took it hard when Nick spilled some personal secrets about her during the After the Final Rose ceremony.

So, it didn't feel that off-base when we assumed they hated each other. From a distance.

But now Andi is singing a different tune:

I had my ups and downs with Nick, but the thing I will say about him is I know that he is genuine in what he wants and that is love, whether or not he goes about it the way that everybody else would ... I still definitely believe that his intentions are absolutely to fall in love. So I think that's another great characteristic that you need for a Bachelor, but we'll see.

Nick did say that he and Andi met to talk through their unhappy ending, but could they really have talked THIS much? And doesn't it almost sound like Andi ... kind of wants another chance with Nick?

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She also only had nice things to say about the other potential Bachelors Ben H. and Chris Soules, which is making me think she's going to pull a Nick and show up mid-season to retry with one of her exes or one of the Bens. 

Please, please don't let this be a new Bachelor trend! I know she's single again and ready to mingle or whatever, but we already reuse contestants for the Bachelors and Bachelorettes, and things would be so boring if we had to reuse the contestants as well. Please. Don't do this.

Or maybe Andi's just being nice. Which, if you ask me, Nick doesn't really deserve. But that's just me.


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