'Bachelor in Paradise' Star Lauren Quit the Show to Be a 'Mistress' but It Didn't Pan Out

Talk about messy. Bachelor in Paradise's Lauren Iaconetti left the show to return home to her boyfriend — BUT her mystery man already has a girlfriend and Lauren isn't it — and she admitted she's the guy's mistress.


Lauren's sister is Ashley Iaconetti, who this summer introduced her to the franchise, where she was immediately accepted with open arms. It didn't take long for Lauren to admit that she left a guy at home to appear on the reality dating show, and that her heart is still with the dude. That would be sweet, if not for the fact that he is already involved with another woman and she is just chasing after a dream. So not worth it, Lauren.

I'm hoping she changes her mind and returns to the show after she realizes this is a big mistake. Lauren is an entertaining character, but judging by some of her posts on Twitter, she seems way too caught up in crazy love drama to focus on the fact that she deserves better.

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Seriously, what is up with these tweets, and especially that last one? What kind of man is Lauren hooking up with? She (and her sister) are funny, down to earth, and obviously very pretty. They're also quickly becoming fan favorites. It sounds like she ditched the show to return home to a guy who is (if these posts are about him) a total jerk.

Say it ain't so, Lauren. You should have more self-respect than this — and the "other woman," aka this guy's girlfriend, is (I hope) dumping this man as I write this.


Image via laurenai/Instagram

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