Ashley Iaconetti & Jade Roper Expose Chris Soules for the Man He Really Is

Two Bachelor in Paradise stars are coming clean about their true feelings for one former Bachelor — and, from what it sounds like, neither Ashley Iaconetti nor Jade Roper have any regrets about Chris Soules not giving them his final rose.


The ladies are good friends with Whitney Bischoff, who was the 2015 winner of Soules's season of The Bachelor. Their unexpected breakup shortly after the farmer from Iowa appeared as a contestant on Dancing with the Stars may have surprised fans, but Ashley and Jade say they weren't the least bit shocked by the news.

"I was close friends with Whitney, and I knew some of the stuff that was going on. It was sad, but I was not surprised," Jade reportedly said, while Ashley added, "Same."

No one is quite sure why Chris and Whitney broke up after their six-month engagement (and I'm sorry, but the ladies didn't divulge juicy details). One of the rumors surrounding their split at the time was that Chris wants a traditional wife who is going to stay home with the kids, presumably on his farm. Whitney already had a career as a fertility nurse and her family hailed from Chicago — was a city girl with a good job going to be content giving that up for a quiet life?

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Both Jade and Ashley also admitted neither has spoken to Chris since Women Tell All, but Ashley revealed the Bachelor star does still do something that she considers odd: "He follows me on Twitter, which is weird!" Ouch.

Is Chris still keeping tabs on his exes? It's pretty obvious both ladies are long over him.


Image via jadelizroper/Instagram

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