'Bachelor in Paradise' Tenley, Juelia & Clare Get Betrayed -- We Don't Know Who to Feel Worse For

clare crawley mikeyWow. You'd think that a free trip to Mexico complete with all sorts of beautiful people and free booze would be just about anyone's dream come true, but I think it's safe to say that some of the Bachelor in Paradise contestants clearly think otherwise.


Um, if Lauren Iaconetti pouting like a spoiled little brat and dragging her suitcase through the sand simply because Joshua didn't pick her for a one-on-one date wasn't bad enough, can we just talk about the peeps who showed up on this show and blatantly made themselves look like idiots on national television -- without hesitation?

Ugh. Just when we thought Tenley Molzahn might be getting her second happy ending, Joshua started running his mouth to the other cast members about popping "Mollies" (whatever the hell those are) and lo and behold -- the other dudes in the house exposed his little secret to Tenley, and now she's all brokenhearted again.

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And OMG -- what is up with Mikey freaking out on Clare simply because she just wasn't that into him? Dude. From the first time you expressed interest in her, she couldn't have possibly been more clear that she wasn't feeling it. Get over it. And move on.

Oh, and who else is all bent out of shape over what a total turd Joe turned out to be? We probably should've known he had a dark side when he flipped the personality switch when Kaitlyn Bristowe sent him packing on The Bachelorette, but man -- to go and shamelessly disrespect a single mom? This guy really has some nerve.

It will be interesting to see how things progress once Joe is exposed for the insane player that he is -- and as for Joshua? Ugh. Let's just hope the next time he's offered a spot on a reality TV show (if it ever happens again) that he wises up and keeps his (alleged) drug use to himself. Yeah, we feel awful for Tenley, but he may have pretty much just ruined his future by admitting to being ... well, kind of a loser.


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