Chelsea Houska Opens Up About Just How Bad Her Custody Battle Really Is (VIDEO)

The ongoing custody battle between Chelsea Houska and her ex Adam Lind has been a hot topic for Teen Mom 2, and now, it sounds like it's definitely heating up. In a new clip from MTV, Chelsea opens up about fighting for custody of Aubree and how the stress has affected her life.


In the clip, Chelsea's talking to fellow Teen Mom 2 star Kailyn Lowry, and understandably, it definitely sounds like it hasn't been easy for Chelsea to handle.

Obviously, it's important to Chelsea to keep Aubree away from her dad unsupervised — as any mom would, considering Adam's track record — but that doesn't mean it's been easy, especially since Adam wants a 50/50 arrangement.

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As Chelsea says in the clip: 

I feel like custody situations are the worst thing you can go through. The thought that something could change with how much you have your child is scary ... It was a huge weight on my shoulders because I don't know what he's gonna say. He could pull anything out of his ass. He's not afraid to lie under oath, and I was like worried, because I don't think Aubree would be in the best hands if she was with him more or unsupervised, so I was worried.

Poor Chelsea! Custody battles aren't an easy thing to go through at any age, but especially not at 23. She's strong for handling this and making the best possible life for Aubree, which just goes to show she's got this mom thing down. Way to go, Chelsea! 

Image via chelseahouska/Instagram

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