Nick Viall Throws Jabs at Kaitlyn Bristowe Proving He's Still Not Over Her

nick viallNick Viall is hurt. Really hurt. He was rejected by Kaitlyn Bristowe on The Bachelorette after thinking he found love -- true love. Now he is forced to see his ex with her fiancé Shawn Booth smiling, happy, and with this massive diamond. It must be like a stake to the heart. Nick isn't over Kaitlyn -- and he's letting us know how he really feels about her.


In a recent interview, Nick shared that he wanted Kait to be a little kinder after rejecting him and during After the Rose. She did quite the eyeroll when it came to Nick.

My hope was that she would say, 'I wish I hadn’t handled it the way that I did … and for that I am sorry.' I think [her reaction] showed a lack of sincerity on her part. I don’t anticipate us being in each other’s lives.

Reading between the lines I feel this love/hate thing going on. Nick went on to say that he doesn't think Kaitlyn and Shawn have a healthy relationship. He thinks she has changed in a bad way and finds the whole thing "disappointing."

She choose wrong, is what he's really saying.

He also claims that he is "focused on moving on with my own life."

Oh ... Nick. This has got to be extremely difficult for him. He wanted to marry this woman! She said no. That's not something a person is able to recover from easily. Even when it comes to reality TV. I really feel for Nick, and I can't help but feel he keeps telling himself that he is moving on with his life but he can't. The love that is Kait and Shawn is everywhere. In his face. Not good. He's going to live with the ghost of that relationship for a bit. I think, however, he should stay mum when it comes to those little jabs he gave Kaitlyn.

Breakups are hard -- even for the person who did the breaking up. It's not easy to handle these things and I would guess Kait was very nervous and sad about hurting Nick. So she didn't do everything perfectly -- breakups are never perfect. She deserves a break ... and happiness, too. I really hope Nick finds a way to truly move on. He's a catch!


Image via bacheloretteabc/Instagram

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