'Bachelor in Paradise' Star Clare Crawley's Super-Flat Tummy Is Just Unfair (PHOTO)

This season on Bachelor in Paradise, plenty of our favorite Bachelor Nation women are getting a chance to show off their bikini bods on the beach. One lady who happens to be particularly jealousy-inducing is Clare Crawley. And this week, Clare shared an Instagram selfie showing off her flat tummy, and I'm officially jealous. 


I mean, can we talk about this? 


Clare looks amazing -- maybe, you know, because she actually took the time to do her morning workout, unlike many of us who prefer an extra hour of sleep instead of hitting the gym. And it definitely seems like her hard work is paying off.

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But really, does she have to make the rest of us look bad with selfies like this? No fair! 

Although let's be real: If I looked like Clare Crawley, the only selfies I would post would be ones that showed off my flat tummy. Has modern science figured out how to pull a Freaky Friday in real life yet? I'm ready to trade bodies! 


Image via clarecrawley/Instagram

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