16 'Bachelor' Couples Whose Love Didn't Stand the Test of Time

Nicole Pomarico | Aug 14, 2015 TV
16 'Bachelor' Couples Whose Love Didn't Stand the Test of Time
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The Bachelor
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Any fans of The Bachelor and its many spinoffs are well aware of the dark side of the franchise: the Bachelor curse. For some reason, couples who fall in love on the show are more likely to breakup than live happily ever after once filming is over, so a lot of times, the relationships we fall in love with over the course of the season end up doomed. Here are some of the relationships from The Bachelor and The Bachelorette that just weren't meant to last. If anyone needs us, we'll be crying over all the love stories that didn't have happy endings.

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Going on the Bachelor shows is a risk. We all know that for every "I do" and happy ending, there are so many more relationships that go sour. And while that's sad for us in Bachelor Nation, it's sadder for the lovely couples who couldn't make it work. Hey, no one said reality love was forever. Without the cameras and pressure to make things work, sometimes these Bachelor relationships just fizzle out. From Alex Michel and Amanda Marsh to Andrew Firestone and Jen Schift, we found some of our Bachelor couples that we were really pulling for ... and sadly didn't make it down the aisle. 

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Read on to see which of our favorite reality couples unfortunately said "I don't."

  • Alex Michel & Amanda Marsh


    Image via ABC

    You'd hope that the first Bachelor couple would last forever, but unfortunately, that just wasn't the case. Instead of getting engaged at the finale, they decided to try a relationship out, and it ended up not working out. Guess it's a good thing Neil Lane didn't get involved, right?

  • Aaron Buerge & Helene Eksterowicz


    Image via ABC

    Aaron and Helene from Season 2 were one of the shortest lived Bachelor romances. They lasted only weeks before they decided to go their separate ways.

  • Andrew Firestone & Jen Schefft


    Image via ABC 

    They were so cute together, but their adorable factor wasn't enough to make Andrew and Jen last after Season 3 was over. Eventually, they broke up, and Jen went on to become one of the earliest Bachelorettes. 

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  • Bob Guiney & Estella Gardinier


    Image via ABC

    Oh, Bob and Estella. Not only did their love not last, but their breakup was pretty messy too — and according to Estella, it happened over the phone. Ouch! 

  • Jesse Palmer & Jessica Bowlin


    Image via ABC

    Like many of their Bachelor predecessors, this season 5 couple lasted only a few weeks before they called it quits. Jesse can now be found hosting shows on ESPN and Food Network, and in the past, he's said he'd never do The Bachelor again. 

  • Byron Velvick & Mary Delgado


    Image via ABC

    If Byron and Mary seemed perfect for each other, that's because they were, and their relationship lasted five years after the finale -- at the time, the longest relationship that had come out of The Bachelor ever.

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  • Charlie O'Connell & Sarah Brice


    Image via ABC

    Much like Byron and Mary, Charlie and Sarah lasted awhile -- we're talking from 2005 - 2010, with a breakup in between. Unfortunately, though, it didn't work out, and now Sarah's started a family with someone else. 

  • Travis Stork & Sarah Stone


    Image via ABC

    Sarah and Travis didn't last very long at all. By the time the finale aired, they were already broken up. Awkward! Of course, being The Bachelor did lead him to another TV gig on The Doctors.

  • Lorenzo Borghese & Jennfier Wilson


    Image via ABC

    Remember that time The Bachelor was a literal prince, and not just Prince Farming? Unfortunately, Jennifer Wilson never ended up being Lorenzo's princess ... nor did she get a proposal.

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  • Andrew Baldwin & Tessa Horst


    Image via ABC

    Tessa and Andrew's breakup came in stages: First, the engagement ended, and then, the relationship. But even though they didn't want to rip off the bandaid, we had a feeling a breakup was coming. And it's a good thing, too, because Tessa is now happily married to someone else. 

  • Matt Grant & Shayne Lamas


    Image via ABC

    Matt Grant and Shayne Lamas only lasted two months past their finale airdate ... but according to the length of time some of these other couples lasted, that's practically forever. Bachelor, you're making us jaded toward love! 

  • Jake Pavelka & Vienna Girardi


    Image via ABC

    Jake made the super controversial choice choosing Vienna over Tenley Molzahn, but their relationship didn't last anyway. Maybe he should have listened to everyone who tried to tell him Vienna was bad news? 

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  • Brad Womack & Emily Maynard


    Image via ABC

    Brad and Emily just weren't meant to be, and here's why: Emily is now Emily Maynard Johnson, and she just welcomed the most adorable baby boy into the world. As for Brad? He's still a single dude (as far as we know) who owns a bar. 'Nuff said.

  • Ben Flajnik & Courtney Robertson


    Image via ABC

    Is anyone ever surprised when a relationship with the season's villain doesn't work out? Despite the fact that Courtney was the number one drama stirrer all season long, she still managed to beat out Lindzi Cox... to date Ben for 8 months.

  • Juan Pablo Galavis & Nikki Ferrell


    Image via ABC

    In this case, a breakup is definitely a good thing. JP refused to say "I love you" to Nikki, and even a stint on VH1's Couple's Therapy couldn't solve their issues.

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  • Whitney Bischoff & Chris Soules


    Image via ABC

    Chris and Whitney's breakup was heartbreaking -- mostly because it was obvious how much Whitney cared for him. But ultimately, Whitney didn't end up leaving Chicago for the cornfields, and we have a feeling they're both better off for it.

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