16 'Bachelor' Couples Whose Love Didn't Stand the Test of Time

The Bachelor
Rick Rowell/ABC

Any fans of The Bachelor and its many spinoffs are well aware of the dark side of the franchise: the Bachelor curse. For some reason, couples who fall in love on the show are more likely to breakup than live happily ever after once filming is over, so a lot of times, the relationships we fall in love with over the course of the season end up doomed. Here are some of the relationships from The Bachelor and The Bachelorette that just weren't meant to last. If anyone needs us, we'll be crying over all the love stories that didn't have happy endings.


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Going on the Bachelor shows is a risk. We all know that for every "I do" and happy ending, there are so many more relationships that go sour. And while that's sad for us in Bachelor Nation, it's sadder for the lovely couples who couldn't make it work. Hey, no one said reality love was forever. Without the cameras and pressure to make things work, sometimes these Bachelor relationships just fizzle out. From Alex Michel and Amanda Marsh to Andrew Firestone and Jen Schift, we found some of our Bachelor couples that we were really pulling for ... and sadly didn't make it down the aisle. 

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Read on to see which of our favorite reality couples unfortunately said "I don't."

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