Jon Stewart Says 'World Has Changed' Since His First Show -- But So Has He! (PHOTOS)

jon stewartA lot has changed in the 16 years since Jon Stewart took over as host of The Daily Show -- and, as he pointed out last night, a lot of that change hasn't been so great. "The world is demonstrably worse than when I started," said Stewart before asking, "Have I caused this?"


Well, of course not, Jon -- but I'm sure it feels that way for the host from time to time. After all, it's been sort of a rough 16 years for this country (9/11, Hurricane Katrina, Sandy Hook, ISIS), and Stewart has had the unique responsibility of breaking it all down for a huge audience in desperate need of somebody to make sense of all the tragedy -- that's one hell of a tall order! Plus, Stewart seems to be somewhat discouraged by the realization that all of his incredibly intelligent, witty commentary ultimately hasn't stopped any of these terrible things from happening. 

Well, Jon, if it's any consolation, you HAVE made living in this crazy world of ours a lot more bearable -- so don't feel your "efforts were all for naught"! That said, I personally don't blame the guy for needing a break. Stewart is the King of Fake All News, and heavy is the head that wears the crown ... especially when all that news just keeps getting worse and worse. 

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Of course, Jon has changed right along with the news, and the world in general -- the only difference is that he's been getting better and better. And we have the pics to prove it!

Here's a shot of Stewart from 1999:

jon stewart

And another shot from '99:

jon stewart

And here's one from a recent interview with President Obama:

jon stewart

A little older, a little wiser (a little grayer, a little more creased). But he's also become a million times more sure-footed (a good thing) and a billion times more cynical (an unavoidable thing). Who knows where he'll go from here? (To an animal farm, rumor has it!)

Now, for a real throwback, check out this clip from the very first episode of the Daily Show with Jon Stewart. His first guest? Michael J. Fox! (Hmm, think he'll be back for the finale tonight??)

Um, what was up with that suit, dude? Did you borrow it from your grandpa?! Guess Stewart's wardrobe has changed a lot over the years, too. (And we're guessing that for the next few months, it's gonna be strictly pajamas.)


Images via Derek Storm / Splash News; Corey Sipkin/NY Daily News Archive via Getty Image; Comedy Central; SAUL LOEB/AFP/Getty Images

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