Leah Messer Admits She's Close to Having a Nervous Breakdown on 'Teen Mom 2'

Teen Mom 2It was Night of the Epic Phone Blowouts on Teen Mom 2 tonight, and almost none of our girls were safe from it -- so let’s check in and see what went down with our four drama-prone mamas, Jenelle Evans, Leah Messer, Chelsea Houska, and Kailyn Lowry.


First there was Jenelle. Jenelle called her mother Barbara from her car phone to inquire as to why Babs had scheduled a conference with Jace’s teacher on a day she knew Jenelle would be busy with school. The conversation shifted to how Jenelle’s taking Babs to court (Jenelle wants custody of Jace back), and that’s when things became explosive. Jenelle demanded to know why her mother seemed to keep Jace away from her every time Barbara was mad at her. When Barbara avoided the question, Jenelle angrily vowed that when she gets custody back, she's going to keep Jace away from Barbara for as long as Barbara has kept Jace from her.

An ugly fight, meanwhile, went down between Leah and her ex Corey Simms. Leah called Corey to tell him she wasn’t going to let him have the twins during part of the school week like he’d wanted -- and an intense conversation quickly grew heated after Corey questioned how stable Leah's home really is. Corey said he knew Leah had missed Ali’s physical therapy appointment that day, and that the girls are not getting to school on time in the mornings, and he didn’t want to hear excuses. When Corey revealed some things the twins had apparently told him about their mother, a livid Leah goaded him to "come on with more of your lies, more of your bulls—t." Later on, Leah told a friend, "I feel like I’m going to have a nervous breakdown or something."

Luckily Chelsea didn’t have any phone fights this time around -- but she was troubled to hear (by phone) that her ex Adam Lind had lied on the stand while at court with Taylor. (Taylor is Adam’s other ex, with whom he has daughter Paislee.) Adam wants 50/50 of both his daughters, and is taking both moms to court. Taylor’s court date was first -- and she told Chelsea that Adam had lied and said Chelsea was OK with his taking Aubree without his parents’ permission. Which is untrue. And now Chelsea is nervous about "what’s going to come out of his dumb mouth" when it’s her turn to face him in court. Chelsea also didn’t love hearing that Adam had made little Aubree leave a voicemail for Taylor in which Aubree said she wanted to see Paislee.

And just when it seemed like Kailyn might have it easy this week -- after all, she was tagging along on her friend Sterling’s family trip to L.A. -- she ended the episode in tears while on the phone with husband Javi Marroquin. She’d warned him to cool it with his jealousy and trust issues before she’d left for Cali, but when Sterling told her later that her mom had felt uncomfortable during the trip -- no doubt because Kailyn's phone was blowing up with Javi's messages the whole time, which led to some nasty texts between couple -- Kailyn broke down and called Javi while driving home from the airport. She told him he’d humiliated her and was ruining her friendships -- not to mention that he’d ruined her trip. "I can’t even come home and try to make this work with you," she tearfully told him.

All in all, not the best of times for our girls. Maybe they need to put the phones down for a while and cool off -- but there are obviously deeper issues to be dealt with here. Wishing much happier times for them as the season moves along.


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