Jenelle Evans Totally Freaks Out on Mom Barbara -- You've Gotta See This (VIDEO)

Oh boy. Jenelle Evans went off on mom Barbara for a reason that I can understand, but that only proves the two have a lot of issues to work on in Teen Mom 2 — and that their unhealthy relationship isn't going to benefit Jenelle's children.


In a sneak peek clip from MTV, Jenelle discovers her mother has arranged a parent-teacher meeting for Jace while she was attending a class. I think she has a valid point when she asks why Barbara didn't give her a head's up about it so she could fit the meeting into her schedule and be more involved in her son's schooling. She then blasts her mother by saying something a lot of fans have been thinking: "I want to know how come some weekends it's OK for me to have him, but then the second you get pissed off, you hold him from me. What is that?"

Barbara's frustrating answer: "I don't want to hear about this." Sorry,  but that's not good enough, Mom.

I think Jenelle's freak-out is brutal — threatening Barbara by telling her she won't be able to see Jace again is cruel, especially since she raised him for years and he probably considers her a second mom.

If you've been following this sad drama, you know that Jenelle has been desperate to regain custody of 5-year-old Jace from mom Barbara (who has been taking care of him since she was a teen) after cleaning up her act and trying to prove she is a responsible mom (she also has a baby boy named Kaiser with ex-fiancé Nathan Griffith). Unfortunately, Barbara has done some questionable things, like not allowing Jenelle to see Jace before going on vacation with Nathan, that give you the feeling she is using Jace to control Jenelle (which is unhealthy and just plain wrong).

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At the same time, I'd be lying if I said I don't feel empathy for Barbara, too. Considering all she has been through with Jenelle, it's probably difficult for her to trust that her daughter is going to provide Jace with the attention and care he deserves.

I really hope Jenelle and Barbara put aside their hurt feelings so that they can work together to give Jace the stable environment and love he deserves. Apparently, they've agreed to go to counseling — I have high hopes for them.


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