'Bachelor in Paradise' Star Goes Home to Date Girl He Left Behind (SPOILERS)

Sometimes you have to get on an airplane, fly to Mexico, and appear on a reality dating show before realizing you left your true love at home. At least that's what happened on Bachelor in Paradise when one cast member left the show to date a girl he left behind.


The second season of the popular Bachelor summer spin-off has been mostly uneventful — with the exception of a possibly fake wedding on the first episode. But things are about to take a turn for the dramatic, because JJ Lane is reportedly leaving the show in episode three, according to Reality Steve.

"JJ gives his rose to Ashley S., but then gives some speech about how he just recently met someone back home that he was talking to before the show so he wants to explore that," Reality Steve writes. "So after giving Ashley S. the rose, he leaves."

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You could argue that JJ shouldn't have agreed to appear on the show at all because it wasn't fair of him to get Ashley's hopes up when he already had a different woman on his mind. But you have to hand it to him: At least he's being honest now, rather than trying to extend his fame before ultimately breaking the news to Ashley (or another Bachelorette) that he's smitten about a girl from his hometown.

Seriously, how cute are he and his daughter Gemma? He's a total catch.

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As for the mystery woman back home, she must feel super special knowing JJ is leaving a popular TV reality show — one that (if he plays his cards right) could lead to other TV opportunities, just so he can date her and find out if there's anything there.

Let's hope everything works out between JJ and his potential love — the sweet and doting dad deserves to find a great woman.


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