Could a 'Scandal' and 'Grey's Anatomy' Crossover Be the Only Way to Make Donald Trump Shut Up?

Scandal's Olivia Pope is never at a loss for creative ways to deal with difficult political clients, but would Donald Trump actually give her a run for her money?


At the Television Critics Association's summer press tour in Los Angeles, Kerry Washington was initially at a loss for words when asked how her red-wine guzzling character would deal with the Donald.

Show creator Shonda Rhimes questioned:

Do you think she would tell him to do something about the hair?

Pondering that thought, Kerry said:

We have a really good hair department on the show.

But it was Grey's Anatomy star Ellen Pompeo who definitely had the best suggestion.

You know, you could send him over to Meredith (Grey), and I could cut his vocal cords out.

Ellen for the win! Now that's a Shondaland crossover episode I would most definitely watch.

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While the presidential hopeful says things that seem almost impossible to make up, Kerry notes that a Donald-like character wouldn't be out of the question for Scandal.

We've had characters say outrageous things on our show. So it wouldn't be out of the question for somebody who says outrageous things to be on our show.

True, but I've got to figure even Olivia would cut a client like Donald loose. Either that or she'd have to buy a vineyard in order to have enough wine to compensate for the stress.


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