5 Times Jon Stewart Made Every Woman Laugh & Want to Hug Him (VIDEO)

jon stewartJon Stewart has been many things during his run as host of The Daily Show: Champion of free speech. Pop culture commentator. Hater of Arby's. But there's one quality in particular that we want to celebrate today, and that's his stalwart support of women!


Indeed, Jon Stewart may be one of the first men in the news (albeit the fake news) who so firmly and consistently sided with the ladies -- come to think of it, he's one of the ONLY men in the media to cover women's rights issues the way they deserve to be covered: with blistering humor and whip-smart observations. Plus, he's hired some of the funniest women in the biz to help out: Kristen Schaal, Samantha Bee, Jessica Williams.

Want to take a stroll down the Feminist Jon Stewart Hall of Fame with us? Here are 5 of our all-time favorite clips: 

1. "The War on Ballsacks"

Remember the whole "manspreading" controversy? What other man but Stewart would admit that "one regular subway seat does grant you a good amount of ball space"? (Featuring some stellar work from Schaal, too.)

2. "The Battle for the War on Women"

The only way to get FOX News types to understand a theoretical "war on women"? By comparing it to the "War on Christmas," of course.

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3. "The Punanny State"

Religious leaders who don't think contraception should be covered by insurance = "Sausagefest."

4. "Brave New Girl"

Leave it to Stewart to make an observation about Caitlyn Jenner that no one else would: "Caitlyn, when you were a man we could talk about your athleticism, your business acumen. But now you're a woman. Your looks are pretty much the only thing we really care about."

5. "The Broads Must Be Crazy"

Female politicians aren't the only ones prone to "emotional outbursts" -- as Stewart so brilliantly illustrates in this segment.

Oh Jon, do you really have to go??


Image via Comedy Central

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