Jenelle Evans Might Be One Step Closer to Getting Son Jace Back for Good

jenelle evans, barbara, jaceWith so many things going wrong for Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle right now (namely the end of her engagement to Nathan Griffith), it's good to hear there's at least one positive development in the works: Apparently Jenelle Evans's ongoing custody battle with her mom is finally improving!


As you're no doubt well aware, Jenelle and her mom Barbara have been at odds over the guardianship of her eldest son, Jace, for a couple of years now (her mom took over as primary caretaker of the little boy back when Jenelle was getting into all sorts of serious trouble). But now that things are more stable for Jenelle (well, not her relationship, but she recently graduated from technical school and hasn't been arrested in, um, a couple of months), Jenelle wants Jace back. Barbara, however, has been reluctant to give up her grandson -- probably because she's worried about Jenelle staying on the straight and narrow, and also probably because she must be pretty attached to the kid at this point!

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Still, Jace is Jenelle's son -- that's why she recently went to a lawyer to file paperwork against her mom. But even though a court date was set for this month, Jenelle now says that she and her mom are opting to do mediation instead -- and that's got to be a good sign, right?

"We're gonna try to go to mediation instead of us going through court," Jenelle told 107.5 KZL in an interview this week. "We're gonna try to work it out through counseling."

Hey, I could be wrong, but it seems to me that if court can be avoided, it should be -- and counseling is probably a good idea for Barbara and Jenelle anyway. Maybe this time they really will be able to work things out as a family in a positive way, which of course would be the best case scenario for all involved (especially Jace!). 


Image via j_evans8209/Instagram

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