Marcus & Lacy's 'Bachelor in Paradise' Wedding Was a Total Sham

After getting everyone's hopes up at the thought that reality TV really can connect two souls looking for love, it has been discovered that the Bachelor in Paradise wedding was fake and the couple who exchanged vows were doing it just to boost ratings. Say it ain't so!


In early June, Lacy Faddoul and Coast Guard trainee Marcus Grodd shocked viewers by showing up on the beach in Mexico, where the second season of the show was being filmed, and exchanging vows in front of the crashing surf — and thousands of TV viewers across the country. The couple met, fell in love, and got engaged on the first season of Bachelor in Paradise, so it seemed fitting (I guess?) that they return to the TV franchise that brought them fame to tie the knot.

But sources have told TMZ the whole thing is a sham and that Faddoul and Grodd never applied for a marriage license in Mexico or the United States. In fact, Grodd is reportedly still hard at work training with the Coast Guard and has no plans of getting married anytime soon, according to sources.

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They certainly had everyone convinced — I mean, aside from the fact that host Chris Harrison officiated the ceremony, which seems a little too convenient, the two recited vows they had written themselves and got a little choked up. Their family members were even involved in the festivities and everyone enjoyed a five-course dinner party after the ceremony. It seemed like the real deal. 

I should note: No one from ABC has commented about the wedding and whether it was real. Faddoul and Grodd have yet to speak out about this rumor, either. Is it possible they just haven't gotten around to applying for a marriage license? I don't know about you, but that was priority number one for my husband and me after we tied the knot.

A TV show in the business of boosting ratings ... hmmm.


Image via bachelorinparadise/Instagram

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