'Bachelor in Paradise' Has a Crazy Love Triangle Coming -- We Can't Wait

joe baileyThings are just getting started on Bachelor in Paradise and already drama, drama, and more drama. Big surprise! Three new men will be arriving for next week's episode to really shake things up. One of those guys is Joe Bailey, who will create quite the love triangle due to his secrets and lies. (What happened to his Southern charm?)


There are some spoilers ahead so consider yourself warned.

Next week, Kaitlyn Bristowe's ex-suitors Joe Bailey and Joshua Albers arrive along with Desiree Hartsock's old "beau" Michael Garofola. It's Joe who will quickly heat things. No more Mr. Nice Southern Gentleman?!

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The rumor is that once Joe sets his eyes on Samantha Steffan (another surprise arrival and ex of Chris Soules) things go bananas. It's love or lust or whatever hormonal reaction that happens so often in Paradise and we are left to think that this is it! They finally found each other. But that's not exactly the case. Apparently they knew each other before the show. Ah ha! Though Samantha claims she never met any of the guys on the show before getting there. Hmmm.

That may be a big lie times two. The producers of Bachelor in Paradise know what they are doing. Bait. More bait. And so they bring on Nick Peterson, the dreamboat who won Bachelor Pad 2. You know, the guy who kept all the $250,000 prize money for himself without sharing it with his partner Rachel Truehart? Yep. A real nice guy. Nick loves money, but he also seems to really love coming between Samantha and Joe. Samantha decides she's going to test the waters with Nick while still keeping Joe on the side and it all blows up in her face because as the story goes -- Samantha had a thing with Nick before the show, too.


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So let's get this straight. Samantha was chatting up (and doing who knows what else) with both Nick and Joe before landing in Paradise. But she fibbed and told everyone she knew no one before the show.

The perfect love triangle! The word is that Samantha's loyalty is with Nick more than Joe, so our Southern Gent gets sent packing. Come on! People, please! Stick to truth. Stick to being yourself. Stick to finding true love. Oh ... wait ... that's not at all what this show's about.


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