The Muppets Cover ‘Jungle Boogie’ & It’s Guaranteed to Make You Get Down (VIDEO)

We already know "Jungle Boogie" is an amazing song. And we know that when the Muppets cover songs, they might not improve them musically, but they most definitely improve the general listening experience. So yep, of course the Muppets' music video for "Jungle Boogie" is an absolute delight, start to finish.


It starts with Sam the Eagle refusing to boogie to Kool and the Gang's classic funk jam and ends with him sipping mai tais in a coconut bra, so you know you have to watch it:

This video comes on the heels of Miss Piggy stepping in for Rihanna in a video for "Bitch Better Have My Money," which may or may not be the best/most appropriate crossover of the year. All of this is leading up to the Muppets reboot that's starting in September, so we can expect some more mash-ups before then.

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The new show is supposed to be catering more to adults, which explains the content of Miss Piggy's video and the nostalgia of this one. It will definitely be a change for the show (and for the audience it's targeting), but it could ... actually, maybe work.

The show premieres on September 22, so we'll see then.


Image via The Muppets/YouTube

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