'Bachelor in Paradise' Just Might Make Us Fall in Love With 'The Bachelorette's' Biggest Villain

We spent most of last season of The Bachelorette learning to hate JJ, and he hasn't done much so far on Bachelor in Paradise to change our minds. I mean, he's the worst. He's really just terrible. But now Chris Harrison and the Paradise cast are trying to tell us that pretty soon, JJ Lane is going to be our new sweetheart


And to THAT I say ... what??

After the second part of the first week of Bachelor in Paradise was over, people from the show were using words like "amazing" and "surprising" and "close friend" to describe JJ. This, of course, is the same guy who admitted to cheating on his wife, threw his "friend" Clint under the bus to get with a girl, and spent a solid 15 minutes during Paradise talking about how excited he was to have power over women.

So, excuse me if I'm not that ready to forgive him yet.

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He might have won over the women in Paradise (it was Ashely I. who called him her "closest guy friend of the entire group," if you were wondering), but he's got a lot more work to do if he wants to win over me. Which he should want to do. Obviously.

Yes, his Instagram photos with his daughter are cute. But you can't just expect your cute kid to fix everything for you, JJ! And okay, if Chris Harrison likes him then we have to believe that he's not a total monster. But he better do something very charming very fast if he expects any positive PR coming from this direction.


Image via jjhlane21/Instagram

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