Farrah Abraham's Defense Over Tooth Fairy Giving Sophia $600 Only Makes Things Worse

Farrah Abraham tooth fairyLooks like someone's generosity has come back to bite her! Teen Mom OG star Farrah Abraham is defending her decision to give daughter Sophia $600, courtesy of the Tooth Fairy. After fans questioned this extravagant choice, the 24-year-old explained that she simply wanted to do something memorable for her little girl.


The mom, who is certainly willing to work hard for her money -- what with her various industries that range from sex toys to pasta sauces -- spoke out about bestowing so much cash on the 6-year-old:

Loosing [sic] your teeth should be special, I like to add passion and something special to everything including loosing [sigh, sic] teeth. 

So $600 for one tooth is a great addition to her college fund and let’s [SIC] her have a big surprise when she woke up that morning.

Huh. We get that she was going for a big reaction, but we still don't know if cash is king when it comes to 6-year-olds. Maybe a doll or stuffed toy that cost a fraction of that would've had as big an impact and seemed more appropriate.

Also, was the first thing on Sophia's mind really, "Wow, I can't wait to stash this in my college fund!" When most kids receive birthday money and are told it's going "straight into a savings account," that statement is typically met with a chorus of groans and sighs. Unless Sophia is the next Alex P. Keaton, it's hard to imagine she shot out of bed and ran to fill out a deposit slip.

It sounds like Farrah's intentions were good here, but definitely a bit misguided. 

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It's also a shame that she feels she has to defend her parenting choices, but when you post a photo on Twitter showing your young child and a big wad of Benjamins you can probably expect to get called out for it. 


Image via Justin Paludipan / Splash News

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