Here's Why Vicki Gunvalson Is Totally Out of Line on 'Real Housewives' Tahiti Trip

Vicki Gunvalson may be the eldest of the Real Housewives of Orange County, but her antics on the cast's girls' trip to Tahiti are completely unwarranted and pretty darn childlike.


Vicki is known for hazing newer castmembers, but she and bestie Tamra Barney really go after 30-year-old Meghan King Edmonds, the show's latest addition, while on vacation in Moorea.

Considering how proud she is of being the "OG of the OC," you'd think maybe, just maybe, she'd take a newbie under her wing. Instead Vicki is going on the attack against Meghan because she, gasp, dares to care about her stepkids.

Admittedly Meghan was a little too open with the group, getting emotional about how she misses her husband Jim's youngest kids (they live in St. Louis with their mother) and even going as far to say she wishes they were her biological children.

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This leads to the perfect storm of hate as the rest of the crew's personal baggage creeps in and they go nuts over the fact that Meghan is implying her relationship with her stepkids is as close as the one they have with their biological mom.

Can we all just look at the silver lining for one brief second and appreciate the fact that this woman cares about her stepkids and wants them in her life? No, they aren't biologically hers, but she wants a relationship with them. I just can't wrap my head around why that is so terrible.

Next week's episode doesn't appear to be any lighter on the Meghan hate as it looks like Vicki really loses her stuff during another dinner in Tahiti. So much for a vacation in paradise, right?


Image via Paul Drinkwater/Bravo

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