'Bachelor in Paradise': Clare Crawley Returns & Her First Date Is a Hot Mess

If the first two episodes are any indication, Bachelor in Paradise is full of surprises this season. Last night, ABC threw us for a loop with Marcus Grodd and Lacy Faddoul's wedding, and tonight? Bachelor and season one BIP alum Clare Crawley arrived in paradise, and the rest of the cast was pretty surprised to see her there. 


At first, Clare was faced with a pretty awkward situation: Almost everyone had already paired off, so how was she supposed to secure herself a rose in the first ceremony of the season?! Fortunately, though, she was given a date card right off the bat, and she selected Mikey Tenerelli to join her for one of the most bizarre afternoons ever.

Because this is a show directly from the terrifying minds behind the Bachelor franchise, why wouldn't Clare and Mikey head off to go do some tantric yoga together less than 24 hours after meeting? Why, that sounds like an absolutely ideal first date to me! 

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And don't worry: If you were a big fan of Clare and the raccoon, don't sweat it. She's found herself a new creature to be BFFs with. It's a tiny crab, and I have a feeling he now knows way more about Clare's emotional issues than any crustacean ever should.

I'm totally into the idea of as much drama as possible this season, so here's hoping Clare's going to bring it. If not, I hope she at least finds love. Her third crack at it on a Bachelor Nation show? She deserves it! 


Image via Rick Rowell/ABC

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