Chris Harrison's 'Bachelor in Paradise' Drinking Game Is Too Fun to Pass Up (VIDEO)

As if we needed another reason to watch this summer's ultimate guilty pleasure, host Chris Harrison has formulated a Bachelor in Paradise drinking game to make the Monday night singles-fest true appointment television.


Chris admits he's pretty familiar with the Bachelor and Bachelorette drinking games fans have created over the course of the franchise's many seasons, but only he knows how steamy things are going to get in paradise. This is why he has his own idea for drinking game rules. And, by the sounds of it, viewers may get pretty toasted if they follow along.

He explains to People:

I've heard anytime we say 'amazing' or 'dramatic' or 'journey,' these are all key words, so I think to change it up for paradise, instead of words, how about [drinking anytime] anything is digitized, blurred out, or there's a black box across it?

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Sounds good to us!

Chris warns to make sure you have a designated driver because things are going to get "ugly."

Bottoms up ... we can't wait!


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