Shawn Booth Takes His Love for Kaitlyn Bristowe to New Heights (PHOTO)

shawn Booth and Kaitlyn BristoweIt's pretty clear they're having the time of their lives, so it makes sense that newly engaged couple Kaitlyn Bristowe and Shawn Booth would reenact a scene from Dirty Dancing, right? (When your fiancé is as strong and hunky as Shawn, why not? It's not like he's going to drop you ... ) 


We've all heard those rumors that ABC's most recent Bachelorette may be headed for a spin around the ballroom on Dancing with the Stars so we can't help but wonder if the lovebirds are doing a little rehearsing in this photo Shawn posted to his Instagram account: 

Dating tip: When it gets awkward ... pull out the "big move" #deletedscene @kaitlynbristowe

A photo posted by Shawn Booth (@shawn_booth18) on

Pretty cool, huh? That would sure be a fun move to pull at friends' weddings! Though we're sure Kaitlyn is light as a feather, that's still really impressive. 

Despite the fact that the dance instructor from Canada said her relationship comes ahead of more reality TV, we'll see if she can turn down an offer for another chance in the spotlight. Chris Soules didn't and look where it got him! Sean Lowe, however, was able to Cha Cha Cha and still keep his love life in tact, so who knows. It could just work out for Kaitlyn.

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We can already picture Shawn in the audience cheering her on! And we have to wonder if any partner they pair her with will be able to do this move as masterfully as Shawn already has. We doubt it, and maybe that's what he's banking on! Nobody puts Booth in the corner!

Images via shawn_booth18/Instagram 


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