Clue About the Next 'Bachelor' Was Hidden in the 'Bachelor in Paradise' Premiere

The Bachelor in Paradise premiere was as womderful slash terrible as all the promos promised, but one major piece was missing: Bachelor producer Mike Fleiss promised a "clue" about the next Bachelor on last night's episode ... but did we ever get it?


There was a lot of talk about a clue being dropped, but nothing really obvious happened and no one from the show has confirmed anything. Here's what Fleiss originally said:

With the help of Twitter and some mild sleuthing of our own, here are the potential "clues" the producers dropped last night, and what they might mean.

  1. Ashley I. talked a lot about Aladdin -- how she was Jasmine and how Jared looked like Aladdin -- during their date, and Chris "Cupcake" went on the Aladdin date during Kaitlyn's season. So the next Bachelor is Chris Strandburg.
  2. Jared got a ridiculous amount of screen time (and attention from the ladies), and he also talked about needing closure, so Jared Haibon will be the next Bachelor.
  3. Jared talked about how important closure is, so Nick Viall will be the next Bachelor. I know?? It doesn't make sense to me either.
  4. Jared said something vague about "seeing my best friend walk out with Kaitlyn," so Ben Higgins will be the next Bachelor.

Okay, whew. If we're being honest, the most solid clue feels like the first, because the Aladdin comments weren't really necessary or important, but they were still included. 

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But that said, Chris seems like the least likely of the bunch to be the next Bachelor because he was dumped fairly early and just generally hasn't had as much buzz since Kaitlyn's season ended.

Everyone seems to want Nick, but that didn't seem like much of a clue to me. Neither does the Ben H. one, sadly, but Fleiss didn't say anything about how good or terrible his "clue" might be, so maybe they're not out of it at all.

One noticeable exception from all the talk today is Ben Z., who's been a favorite for a while but didn't seem to be included in the clue-dropping gossip. So maybe he's out?

To be totally honest, it almost feels like there wasn't a clue at all, and that this was a classic fake-out by the producers to get us all to watch Bachelor in Paradise. Sure, it worked. But it's ANNOYING.

Really, though, we should be giving them credit for stringing us along this far -- we just want to know, and they're doing SO WELL at keeping us guessing. But the good news is filming will start in a couple of weeks, so we'll find out soon enough. Hopefully. At this point, though, who even knows.


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