Candace Cameron Bure Posts a 'Fuller House' Pic That Proves DJ and Kimmy Are Still BFF (PHOTO)

candaceOn-screen BFFs aren't always quite so tight off-screen (in fact, the complete opposite is often true!). But when it comes to the stars of Fuller House, the camaraderie we'll see between Candace Cameron Bure, Andrea Barber, and Jodie Sweetin is definitely the real thing!


It's no secret that the actresses have been friends -- real friends -- for decades, since the days of their childhood fame on regular old Full House. Bure in particular has been documenting their adventures on social media religiously for quite some time. And now that filming is under way for the new series (which will focus on DJ as a mom-to-be who leans on her sister and best pal for help when her husband passes away -- hmm, sound familiar?), those Instagram shots (and Barber's social media posts) are more than a testament to the power of friendship, they're a testament to the power of nostalgia, too! Check it out:

Love these girls.

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Awwww! If that doesn't bring you right back to your childhood, I don't know what will. (Unless you didn't watch Full House, in which case, probably most of this is pretty irrelevant to you.) As someone whose closest friends have stuck around for upward of 20 years, I just love that these ladies have managed to keep their friendship going for so long. In fact, I'm gonna go out on a limb and say that if they weren't such close friends now, the Fuller House series probably wouldn't even be getting made!

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Now, of course, these gals have the best job ever: Hanging out with their besties all day. Which seems mostly like what they've been doing anyway. And since yesterday was International Friendship Day (don't feel bad if you didn't know, I didn't either!), here are a few more girlfriend power–themed posts from Bure's Instagram to celebrate:


AWWWWW! Birthday buds!

Awwww! Fitness buds!

Happy Birthday to my partner in crime for 28 years! Love you! @andreabarber

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Ummm ... silly buds! 

Full disclosure: I wish I starred in an '80s sitcom with my friends so we could be doing a Netflix reboot now and having all sorts of friendly fun together on Instagram. Don't these pics make you want to call up your best friend and, I don't know, strike a pose? BRB, gonna go through all my old middle school photo albums and cry now.


Image via Xavier Collin/Image Press/Splash News

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