Kaitlyn Bristowe Will Join 'Dancing with the Stars' Cast on One Condition

Dancing with the Stars has long been our way to spend even more time ogling our favorite Bachelors and Bachelorettes, and we love it, if for nothing else. So the news that Kaitlyn Bristowe is considering joing the Dancing with the Stars cast next season is really, really great to hear.


Actually, though, the best part of her answer to the DWTS question is that she wouldn't give an outright yes -- she told Kelly and Michael that she wouldn't do it if it meant leaving Shawn tomorrow. 

"I think we need to put our relationship first," Kaitlyn said. "But later down the road, I would be very excited to do that."

Here's the whole interview (DWTS part is at the end):

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It's really great to hear that she wants to prioritize Shawn right now -- I mean, how hard must it be to go from one reality show to not seeing each other for months and then straight into another reality show? It's no wonder so many Bachelor relationships have trouble.

I mean, just look at Chris Soules -- he didn't make it through one week on DWTS before rumors started up that he was cheating on his Bachelor pick, Whitney, with his DWTS partner, Witney. It doesn't even matter if the rumors are true or not -- watching your fiancé get hot and sweaty with another person on TV each week is the kind of stuff that puts strain on long-distance relationships.

That said, Kaitlyn has been a dancer her whole life, so there's no doubt that she'd be an amazing addition to the show and we'd LOVE to see her there. But she's smart to want to wait until she and Shawn have more time out and about as a couple.

It seems like this (as with everything else) is all down to timing. We just hope it works out!!


Image via kaitlynbristowe/Instagram

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