Leah Messer Loses Her Temper & Spanks Her Daughter Repeatedly in 'Teen Mom 2' Preview (VIDEO)

leah calvert and daughtersListening to kids whine and fight can definitely take a toll on anyone's nerves. And it seems Leah Messer reached a breaking point with her daughter's misbehaving and was pushed to the point of doing something so unthinkable it's sure to shock fans!


When one of her twin daughters Aleeah Grace wasn't playing nicely with her sisters, Messer removed the little girl and can be heard spanking the daylights out of her in another room. Yikes! 


Clearly, this young mom is under a lot of pressure! She's parenting three young children while her husband, Jeremy Calvert, is away for work. And it sounds like when he was last home things weren't going so great in that relationship. She's also been battling her ex, Corey Simms, over custody of the twins. Sadly, we can't imagine that this video will help her case. Plus, she's only recently back from rehab so she's probably feeling a lot of pressure to do everything right. 

We can't help but think Messer is going to be catching a lot of heat for this in the days to come. But the reality star has made it no secret that she often finds motherhood challenging and she's willing to take on the haters who criticize her, as she did in this post: 

Me and my girls. #ThrowbackThursday ||Follow the people tagged||

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You can't blame Messer for losing her temper with Aleeah whom she asked to behave several times. It's frustrating for any mom to have to repeat herself over and over again, especially when you're trying to have a conversation with a friend.

But still, spanking is pretty controversial and while some feel it's a useful method of discipline when all else fails, others regard it as a mortal sin. It'll be interesting to see if Leah faces any serious backlash as a result of this parenting decision.


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