14 'Bachelor' Fights So Epic We Couldn't Forget Them If We Tried (PHOTOS)

Nicole Pomarico | Aug 4, 2015 TV

All reality shows are good at bringing the drama, but no show is better than the Bachelor series of shows. In fact, if you caught any of The Bachelorette this time around, the hate between Nick Viall and Shawn Booth was palpable in every episode — and that's just this season! 

Don't get us wrong. We do absolutely love when this show goes right and people fall in long-lasting love, but there's nothing more entertaining than watching the knock-down, drag-out fights that often occur between cast members. Flip through for a walk down memory lane, paved with some of the Bachelor franchise's biggest feuds and most dramatic fights. Trust us — they'll make you want to re-watch all those old seasons! 

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  • Ashley Iaconetti & Kelsey Poe


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    Kelsey and Ashley both brought the drama on The Bachelorette without anyone else's help, but when they were put together with that 2-on-1 date with Chris Soules in the middle of the desert? One of the most hilarious/emotional Bachelor moments ever. We'll never forget Kelsey staring Ashley down and proclaiming, "I know what you did!"

  • Andi Dorfman & Juan Pablo Galavis


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    Andi thought Juan Pablo was the one ... 'til she realized that he actually wasn't listening to her and only wanted to talk about himself. Hmm, sounds about right! (Ees OK ...)

  • Nick Viall & Shawn Booth


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    Nick and Shawn's feud lasted from the minute Nick appeared on The Bachelorette for the first time -- so much so that Shawn only referred to him as "the other guy." Ouch.

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  • Clint Arlis & JJ Lane


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    Clint and JJ started out as Bachelorette BFFs, but ended up in a major fight when JJ threw him under the bus to save face in front of Kaitlyn. Fortunately, by the time Men Tell All was filmed, they were best bros again. Villains gotta vill.

  • Vienna Girardi & Jake Pavelka


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    Vienna (with help from Kasey Kahl) and Jake had a major blowup on The Bachelor Pad when no one wanted to apologize to anyone else -- and the fact that Vienna and Jake are exes didn't make it any easier. And we seriously thought she was going to hyperventilate when she and Jake had their little confrontation during their Chris Harrison tell-all interview.

  • Clare Crawley & Juan Pablo Galavis


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    Clare, like Andi, quickly saw through JP's charms, and after the incident where he admitted he didn't love her but he did love having sex with her, she was pretty pissed. Actually, she was REALLY pissed. (Who can blame her?)

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  • Kaitlyn Bristowe & Ian Thomson


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    Ian freaked out at Kaitlyn, calling her shallow and essentially saying he was too good to be on The Bachelorette, and Kaitlyn did a great job at keeping her cool and reminding him where the door is. Too bad it didn't literally hit him on the way out.

  • Lindzi Cox & Ben Flajnik


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    When Ben chose Courtney instead of Lindzi, she was understandably miffed -- so miffed she skipped After the Final Rose altogether. 

  • AshLee Frazier & Clare Crawley


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    On last year's Bachelor in Paradise, AshLee and Clare seriously butted heads when AshLee started gossiping about what Clare and Juan Pablo may or may not have done on The Bachelor. And, obviously knowing Clare, she wasn't about to let that happen.

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  • Sean Lowe & Desiree Hartsock's brother


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    During Desiree's hometown date with Sean Lowe, her brother Nate pulled out the big guns when he questioned Sean and made it very clear that he did not approve of him — or their relationship. Way to make a dude feel welcome.

  • Emily Maynard & Kalon McMahon


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    OMG. How epic was it when Emily Maynard told Kalon McMahon to "get the fu** out now" after she found out he called her daughter Ricki "baggage?" (Get him, girl!)

  • Ryan McDill & ... everyone


    Image via ryan_mcdill/Instagram

    Ryan's first night in the Bachelor mansion will go down in history as one of the biggest drunken fails in the history of the show. Between asking JJ why he wasn't "raping him right now" and screaming at the other dudes arriving at the house, he took the concept of being a jackass to a whole new level.

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  • Tierra LiCausi & AshLee Frazier


    Image via ABC

    The best part of this fight was how Lindsay and Catherine were just sitting there in the bed watching AshLee accuse Tierra of being fake, while Tierra declared that no one was about to steal her sparkle.

  • Tenley Molzahn & Michelle Kujawa


    Image via ABC

    Oh man. Remember when Michelle pretty much locked Tenley in the bathroom on Bachelor Pad after Tenley told the house Michelle had hooked up with Craig? Crazy alert!

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