'Teen Mom 2' Star Corey Simms Is Reportedly Quitting the Show

Not only are Teen Mom 2 stars Leah Messer and Corey Simms done for good, but there's another breakup in the works: Between Corey and MTV! Supposedly Corey wants to quit Teen Mom 2, mostly because he's tired of dealing with what MTV and his ex put him through.


According to Life & Style, Leah's first husband is looking for a way to get away from her drama, and it seems like closing the reality show chapter of his life is the way to accomplish that. 

"Corey is done with the show," a source close to the MTV star told the mag. "He's told MTV he will not return for another season. He doesn't think the money is worth the aggravation anymore." 

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We can't blame Corey for wanting out. After all, it is a lot to have your entire life broadcast on TV for total strangers (and people you actually know ...) to watch and judge. If he ever wants to be a normal guy again, this might be a good first step.

Here's hoping Corey's split from MTV won't hurt his relationship with his daughters! He might get less time with them if he's not involved in filming, but fingers crossed he's able to figure out a way to keep his daddy duties off camera. 


Image via coreysimms/Instagram

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