Shawn Booth's New Nose Is Stealing Kaitlyn Bristowe's Thunder (PHOTOS)

You can't get anything past Bachelor Nation, particularly plastic surgery. The masses are claiming that newly engaged Shawn Booth had a nose job following the Bachelorette finale. (Gasp!)


If you look at shots of him during the show as compared to pics of Shawn taken after the finale, it certainly appears possible that the 28-year-old had a bit of work done. His nose looks narrower, don't you think?

And if he thought he was going to pull a fast one on viewers, poor Shawn was greatly mistaken. Check out some of the people who dared to call him out for the noticeable difference in his face.

I have to admit, my favorite tweet about Shawn's schnoz comes from @JackieOProblems.

I'm not sure why, but that really has me cracking up. And why shouldn't guys learn how to contour? Women take minutes out of their day to add that step to their routine -- men should, too!

But man, you'd think the spotlight would be on Kaitlyn and her whopper of a ring right now, not Shawn's face. (Kind of a bummer.)

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But regardless of whether Shawn really did go under the knife or not, he looks awesome, and I can't wait to see his and Kaitlyn's wedding style. So please, please, please make it to the altar, will ya, guys?


Images via Doug Meszier/Splash News; ABC

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