Who Will Be the Next 'Bachelor?' -- Our 10 Dream Picks for the Gig (PHOTOS)

Caroline Olney | Jul 29, 2015 TV
Who Will Be the Next 'Bachelor?' -- Our 10 Dream Picks for the Gig (PHOTOS)

Now that The Bachelorette is over, we're faced with the horrible interim where we just have to wait and wait and wait to hear who's going to be the next Bachelor. Now, I have my heart set on Ben H. as much as the next girl, but we've gotta admit, there are some pretty enticing options this time around. 

Not only do we have a whole crop of very good-looking and very interesting characters waiting around for us from last season, but there are even options from Bachelorette seasons past who would like to throw their names into the mix. 

Take a look and cast your vote ... not that it will make a difference. But vote anyways! 

  • Ben Higgins


    Image via higgins.ben/Instagram

    Dear, sweet Ben H.! Probably the favorite of the all the Bachelor possibles so far, the 26-year-old software salesman would be the youngest Bachelor the show has seen in more than 10 years.

    Pros: Sweet, fun, and knows how to dip a girl while dancing. Likes hiking and nature things. Looks great in sweaters.

    Cons: Zero. Literally none. Unless you're of the camp that thinks 26 is too young to be desperate enough to volunteer as tribute.

  • Ben Zorn


    Image via benzornlife/Instagram

    Ben Zorn is a 6'4" personal trainer/"entrepreneur" from San Jose, California, and he is built like a tank. He is also hot. Kaitlyn eliminated him in week seven, but that just freed him up to continue stealing our hearts as the next Bachelor.

    Pros: He's so insanely huge that ... well, I don't know what. He's just REALLY BIG.  Also, according to his bio, Ben is working on being more outgoing and trying new things (like being the Bachelor, possibly?).

    Cons: Doesn't know how to spell "thank you." Seriously. He thinks it's one word.

  • Chris Soules


    Image via souleschris/Instagram

    Chris Soules stole hearts during Andi Dorfman's season of The Bachelor ... so much so that he was chosen to be the Season 19 Bachelor. Unfortunately, he and the fiancée he chose during that season didn't make it too far past the six-month mark, so he's single once again. 

    Pros: Loves tractors and long walks through corn fields. Proved himself to be a surprisingly decent dancer during Dancing with the Stars. Laughs like a dolphin, and if he were Bachelor again, we'd get to hear more supercuts of this.

    Cons: ... Has already been the Bachelor. He's also kind of boring, and finding a girl willing to move to Iowa for him is pretty pointless anyways. No photos of him posing with cute babies.

  • Nick Viall


    Image via nick_viall28/Instagram

    Third time's the charm, right? Nick V. has twice been the runner-up and twice been dumped with a ring in his pocket (metaphorically) on The Bachelorette. Nick is 34 years old, 6'2", and apparently has a 10.5 shoe size.  

    Pros: Much loved by about half of Bachelor Nation.

    Cons: Much hated by the other half of Bachelor nation.

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  • Chris Harrison


    Image via chrisbharrison/Instagram

    Aha! The bachelor we've all been waiting for. The 44-year-old TV host extraordinaire and dad of two was divorced in 2012, which makes him single for the first time since he was in college. Jump on it, ladies!

    Pros: Has given his personality and face (symbolically) to the Bachelor franchise, so it's beyond time the Bachelor did something for him in return.

    Cons: Who would host if not Chris Harrison??? Maybe all the past contestants, 27 Dresses–style? This has possibilities ...

  • Tony Harris


    Image via 101freefly/Instagram

    Tony Harris, a.k.a. Tony the Healer, didn't make it past week three this season, but regardless -- how much of a treat would it be to watch him as the Bachelor?

    Pros: He is a HEALER who wants to be "hella rich," so you know he's optimistic at heart. Already has his own hashtag (#TeamTony).

    Cons: He would be almost ... too amusing to watch. Does that count as a con?

  • Jared Haibon


    Image via jaredhaibon/Instagram

    Jared Haibon is a Rhode Island restaurant manager who loves rom-coms, Barack Obama, and Jesse Eisenberg. He's sweet, he's funny, he's a total catch.

    Pros: Has a VERY cute dog and the jawline of a god. 

    Cons: He's just 26, so he'd be another Bachelor baby. Also, no guarantee that he'd keep his face adequately shaved during filming.

  • Josh Murray


    Image via joshmurray11/Instagram

    Here's a guy who knows how to use cute children and dogs to improve his Instagram. Thirty-year-old Josh Murray left Season 10 of The Bachelorette engaged to Andi Dorfman, but the two split after six months. 

    Pros: Already had the chance to win us over, so could focus on actually finding love. Great hair.

    Cons: Rumor has it he dumped Andi just so he could be the Bachelor. If it's true, then he sucks and we shouldn't give it to him. But it could also be a total lie!

  • Ian Thomson


    Image via ABC.com

    Ian Thomson is a Princeton grad and an enormous a-hole. He's very handsome and he knows it. He also knows how to fake an apology. He's 28, from Los Angeles, and tattoo-free.

    Pros: Ian is such a horrible human that this could be the first Bachelor season in history where the girls get to do all the dumping. It would be amazing and the show wouldn't last past week 1.

    Cons: Probably balding.

  • JJ Lane and Clint Arlis


    Images via jjhlane21/Instagram; turtleconvertible/Instagram

    We already know they get along famously, so let's make them co-Bachelors and get this ball rolling. Former investment banker/single dad JJ Lane and architectural engineer Clint Arlis are a match made in heaven, and we think they're meant to start this journey together.

    Pros: If they don't find love with the other Bachelorettes, they'll find love with each other.

    Cons: ....?

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