Jenelle Evans' Custody Drama With Her Mom Goes From Bad to Incredibly Worse (VIDEO)

This season's Teen Mom 2 seems to be all about the custody drama, and this week's upcoming episode looks like it's going to be no exception. Jenelle Evans has been trying to get custody of her son back from her mom for a while, but when Jace called Barbara "Mom," it was pretty clear that she doesn't seem to have any intention of handing him over willingly.


In a sneak-peek clip for the show, Barbara finally comes to Jenelle's new house in Myrtle Beach to pick Jace up from his weekend with Jenelle. A couple of times, the 5-year-old refers to Babs as "Mom," and Jenelle confronts her on it.

After Jace slipped up a couple of times and called Barbara Evans "Mom," Barbara told him, "That's all right, you can call me whatever." Later when Jenelle shows her mother around upstairs, Jenelle tells her: "You said, 'He can call me mom.' No he can't. I'm the mom."

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Babs totally tried to deny it, obviously forgetting that the MTV film crew was there and she was caught on tape. Jenelle was not about to let it go.

"He just tried to call you 'Mom' downstairs and you said, 'You can call me whatever you want'! ... He can call you 'Mama,' that's fine. He can call you 'Meme,' that's fine. But 'Mom' is my name," she fumed, and rightfully so.

One thing is for sure -- it's going to be some major drama when Barbara finds out that Jenelle hired a lawyer to take her to court for custody of her son back. 


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