Adam Lind's Despicable Promise to Aubree Will Break Her Little Heart (VIDEO)

Remember a couple of seasons ago on a Teen Mom 2 reunion special, when Adam Lind complained to Dr. Drew that he was always made out to be the bad guy in Chelsea Houska's life, and he didn't understand why? Stuff like this, Adam, that's why. Lind illegally took Aubree out for ice cream and made her all sorts of promises that he'll likely never be able to keep.


Chelsea has sole custody of Aubree, but Adam has visitation rights every other weekend, provided that he is strictly supervised by his parents. Aubs stays with her paternal grandparents, and Adam visits her there. On recent episodes of the show, though, we've seen that court order violated as Adam continues to spend alone time with his daughter, and even takes her on car rides.

At least he wasn't driving (his license has been revoked following three DUIs and a multitude of other driving-related offenses), but Lind and a pal took the precious 5-year-old out for ice cream, and he worked his manipulative charm to worm his way into Aubree's sweet little heart.

"Would you like to spend some more time with me? Would you like to stay at my house?" he asked Aubree, who nodded. "Soon, I promise. Very soon."

Earlier in the show, Lind had shared that he'd received a notice from Chelsea's lawyer requesting supervised visitation at a family center, since Adam's parents were acting as proper chaperones.

Adam continued to prod his own 5-year-old daughter, and asked, "You wouldn’t like it at a supervised center where we couldn't leave or do anything fun? No. Me neither. Well you can ask your mother about that one."

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And just because he isn't despicable enough, he asked Aubree, "Do you think 'm mean? Does your mom? Does your mom think I'm mean to you? What does she tell you?"

This smart little cookie just muttered, "I don't remember," and went back to eating her sundae.

Later that night when she was home with her mama, this little lady innocently relayed the conversation to Chelsea and broke our hearts a little. "My dad promised me I would go with him to go to a place. Like to his house," she said. "He promised me ... But he promised me he would. You can never, ever break a promise."

Poor thing. There's no way Adam is going to be able to make good on that promise -- he's lucky to have visitation at all with how he's chosen to live his life. And putting his darling daughter in the middle like that? Just awful.


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