Farrah Abraham Sparks Outrage by Reading Sophia a Very Questionable Bedtime Story (PHOTO)

Farrah AbrahahmReading to your child is typically a wonderful and rewarding activity for both of you. That said, a lot depends on the book you choose. Teen Mom 2 star Farrah Abraham recently selected the plastic surgery tale My Beautiful Mommy, written by her surgeon Michael Alexander Salzhauer, to share with daughter, Sophia. Say what? 


Even though the 24-year-old has had her fair share of plastic surgery problems -- remember those lips? -- she thought the story of a woman undergoing a physical transformation was a great pick. (Was Eloise at the Plaza not available?) Take a look:  

As you'd expect, reaction to this photo on Twitter has been pretty negative, with one person pointing out that surgery isn't beauty and adding that "eventually, it fades." 

Others questioned whether the sex-toy purveyor understands what the word "late" means when placed in front of someone's name, as by all accounts it seems the renowned surgeon is still very much alive. 

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While it's great that Farrah is spending quality time with her daughter, this does seems like a bizarre selection -- unless she's gearing up to go under the knife again. If that's the case, explaining the healing process to her 6-year-old might make sense.

Also, who knows what's going on in their home? Maybe Sophia has seen pics of her mom from long ago and asked why she looks so different now. This book might provide an easy way for Farrah to explain what made her seek so many alterations.


Image via David Acosta / Image Press / Splash


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