Andi Dorfman Steps Up to Support Nick Viall After Seeing Him Get Dumped by Kaitlyn

Our long, national crisis is finally over — Bachelorette Kaitlyn Bristowe ultimately chose Shawn Booth on last night's season finale and dumped Nick Viall in as graceful a manner as possible -- but, oh boy, was it painful.


Viall seemed convinced he had stolen the 30-year-old dancer's heart and was seconds away from dropping to one knee to propose with an expensive ring when suddenly -- dumpsville, population one, game over. But one thing might have been even more shocking: Andi Dorfman stepped in to defend Viall on Twitter.

Step back in time for a moment and try to remember the major drama that took place during her season of The Bachelorette, when Andi had to choose between Viall and Josh Murray after the fantasy suites and he totally threw a wrench in her plans by calling her out for sleeping with him. 

It was a total jerk move and Dorfman never seemed to forgive him for it, even going as far as throwing it back in his face over Twitter after it was discovered that he slept with Bristowe on the show. Dorfman gave her final rose to Murray and, although their story didn't have a happy ending, she didn't seem to regret not choosing Viall.

Regardless of their history, Dorfman actually felt compassion for Viall after Bristowe broke his heart. She sent good vibes over Twitter:

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Well, that was a nice gesture on her part, wasn't it? Perhaps Dorfman is ready to move forward and bury the hatchet with Viall. I wouldn't go so far as saying they could become more than just friends now that they're both single (as far as we know), but stranger things have certainly happened.

Image via andi_dorfman/Instagram

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